a było to zanim Pan Nasz Jezus Chrystus udał się do Jerozolimy 3

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Bazylika Zwiastowania Pańskiego w Nazarecie






     „… What's the problem, Boris?” he asked when the cabin door closed behind them.
    „I'd like permission, Commander, to use ship priority for a direct message to Earth...”

      „... You know, of course, that You have to give me a good reason. All our available band width is already clogged with data transmission. Is this a personal emergency?”
    „No, Commander. It is much more important than that. I want to send a message to the Mother Church.”
    Uh-uh, said Norton to himself. How do I handle this?
    „I'd be glad if you'd explain...”

     „...It concerns the purpose of Rama, Commander. I believe I have discovered it.”
    „Go on.”
    „Look at the situation. Here is a completely empty, lifeless world-yet it is suitable for human beings. It has water and an atmosphere we can breathe. It comes from the remote depths of space, aimed precisely at the solar system-something quite incredible, if it was a matter of pure chance. And it appears not only new; it looks like as if it has never been used.”
    We've all been through this dozens of times, Norton thought. What could Rodrigo add to it?
    „Our faith has told us to expect such a visitation, though we do not know exactly what form it will make. The Bible gives hints. If this is not the Second Coming, it may be the Second Judgment; the story of Noah describes the first. I believe that Rama is a cosmic Ark, sent here to save-those who are worthy of salvation...”

    „...One other point, Boris. What's controlling Rama now?”
    „There is no doctrine to advise on that. It could be a pure robot. Or it could be-a spirit. That would explain why there are no signs of bilogical life forms...”






wykorzystano fragment powieści "Spotkanie z Ramą"  Arthura C. Clarke'a

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